2018 License Collector Survey- Personal Side

City-Hall2This is Part A of the 7th Ward Independent Democrats License Collector Candidate Survey. These are the Get to Know the Candidates as persons questions. Candidates were required to respond to both Part A & Part B in order to 1) participate in the June 10th Candidate Forum and 2) be considered for endorsement by 7th Ward Independent Democrats.

A1) What Ward and Neighborhood do you reside in and for how many years? Rent or Own? (20 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: 3rd Ward. Lindell Park AKA Jeff Vander Lou. 56 years with the exception of 9 years. Own.

Dana Kelly-Franks:  I own & have lived in 20th Ward for over 18 months. I owned & lived in 9th Ward for over 11 years before that.

A2) List addresses for all real estate you own/co-own including by corporation/LLC in Missouri or Illinois.

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: 3510 Dodier Street, St Louis, Mo 63107

Dana Kelly-Franks: 3621 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

A3) Pets- Name/Type/Breed/Identify if Rescue (12 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: None since 15 year old beloved “Mr. Pepper” a miniature poodle, passed

Dana Kelly-Franks: No pets

A4) Education (30 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson:  Nursing and Law degrees from Univ. of MO.  Graduate of JFK School of Government at Harvard. Certified Diversity Facilitator by National Conference of Community and Justice

Dana Kelly-Franks: I left college needing 36 credits to graduate; I’ve obtained over 15 certifications, 4 licenses and 2 federal clearances to be the financial specialist that I am today.

A5) Employment over past five years (30 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: State of Missouri, Unemployment Appeals Tribunal.  License Collector, City of St. Louis

Dana Kelly-Franks: I am self-employed for over 15 years.

A6) List the legal names of any corporations/LLCs/DBAs that you own or have an interest in registered with the State of Missouri or State of Illinois (if other than provided in A5).

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson:  None

Dana Kelly-Franks: The Firm, LLC; Sheroes, Inc

A7) If elected, do you plan on working in a paid or volunteer position requiring 20 hours or more a week or running a business in addition to serving as License Collector? If yes, please explain. (25 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson:  No

Dana Kelly-Franks: No

A8) Neighborhood/Community/Civic/Charity/Professional Memberships and Activist Affiliations (30 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: Past President National Bar Assn. Board of Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. Trustee Board Mt. Herald MBC Church. Mound City Bar Association.  National Women’s Political Caucus Metro St. Louis

Dana Kelly-Franks: EMPAC Board Member, National Women’s political Caucus; Board Member, Girls Lead and Make Moves (GLAMM); Board Member, Women’s March STL, Inner Circle Member, National Women’s Foundation. Advocate, Battered Women of St. Louis.

A9) Political Experience- previous offices sought/held, campaigns worked on, ward organization membership (30 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: Sought MO State Representative. Held Circuit Clerk 22nd Judicial Circuit and License Collector. McCaskill US Senate. Clay US Congress. Kander for US Senate, Bosley for Mayor, 3rd Ward.

Dana Kelly-Franks: I worked on Bruce Franks, Missouri State Representative campaign.

A10) Name your favorite architectural landmark or public art in the City of St. Louis and why (25 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: Statue of Civil Rights Icon Frankie Muse Freeman, because of her commitment to justice and equality.

Dana Kelly-Franks: The old Water Tower on the circle at N. Grand.  As a child my friends and I met and hung out. Growing up that was the only landmark I really knew.

A11) Over the past two years, how often did you ride a Metro bus or train? Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Rarely/Never (not an essay question)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson:  Rarely

Dana Kelly-Franks: In the last two years I’ve ridden the train approximately five times.

A12) Name your favorite music genre and favorite musician/band/symphony (12 words or less)

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: Gospel. Mary Mary

Dana Kelly-Franks: It would have to be folk-rock genre of the Beatles and Neo-soul.

A13) Are you related within the 4th degree to any employee of the City License Collector Office or any other City of St. Louis office, including county offices? If yes, identify by relationship and office but not name (example: brother, Collector of Revenue; niece, Assessor).

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson: No

Dana Kelly-Franks: No

A14) Are you related within the 4th degree to any person currently holding elected office (including party committeeperson) in the City of St. Louis or who held elected office in the City of St. Louis within the past twenty years? If yes, identify by name, position, and whether past/present.

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson:  No

Dana Kelly-Franks: Bruce Franks, State Representative, present

A15) Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years and 10 years? (50 words or less) 

Mavis “Tessa” Thompson:  As License Collector in 5 years. Director of Not-For-Profit Organization assisting Women and Children

Dana Kelly-Franks: In 5 years as License Collector expanded services, with a full range of wealth, business & sustainability tools; financial literacy education for the office and the small business and the City of St. Louis.  10 years, having done my job well as License Collector, back in business for myself at my financial firm.