01-06-2016 7th Ward Extra Super VIP Mardi Gras Party Party Lounge

brad23rd Annual 7th Ward Extra Super VIP Mardi Gras Party Party Lounge
Sponsors: 7th Ward Committeewoman Marie Ceselski and Not Committeeman Brad Pitt
Time/Date: 10:30 am-5 pm Saturday, February 6, 2016
Place: Top Secret

Open to the Public: No. This is an invitation only event. Only Extra Super VIPs (7th Ward Independent Democrats members and friends) are invited.


10:30-11:30 am Meet at Extra Super VIP Party Party Lounge to receive Extra Super VIP Badges, beads, and enjoy breakfast, beverages, music.

11:30 am Depart Extra Super VIP Party Party Lounge to take in the Mardi Gras Grand Parade and visit our friends working nonprofit booths. In the event that it is a hundred degrees below zero, like 2015, we may stay indoors, build a fire, and eat ourselves into a coma.

1 pm Return to Extra Super VIP Party Party Lounge to enjoy Brad Pitt’s Extra Super Gumbo, King Cakes, More Tasty Treats Than You Can Imagine, beverages, and Mardi Gras appropriate music. If anyone misbehaves, we will put Zardoz on.

2 pm Everyone has gone insane because their cell phones do not work in Soulard on Grand Parade Day.

3 pm Nerds discuss winning Lottery.

4 pm If the guy napping in the chair falls out of the chair, don’t step on him.

5 pm There is no more gumbo. You do not show up at 5 pm and get gumbo.


You Must Be 21 Years Of Age To Party With Us.

There will be a variety of beer but not much Light/Princess of Beer because it is just wrong.

Ignore whatever is going on next door and take comfort in the fact that it is not as bad as last year.

You may leave a free will offering to the pony wearing a unicorn costume on the porch.

If you would like to take home one or more of the morbidly obese feral cats, please do.

Pony rides are a nickel. We do not make change.

Leftover food will be taken to a homeless shelter on Sunday.