10/10/2016 Meeting of No Ward Reduction Committee

2011citywidewardmap1Meeting of No Ward Reduction Committee
(a subcommittee of St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee)
7 pm Monday, October 10, 2016
Trinity Church, 600 N Euclid @ Washington
Parking on South Parking Lot
Contact: Jesse Todd, 18th Ward Committeeman at 314-531-4940 toddjesse18@yahoo.com

This is a working group for a re-vote on ward reduction. In 2012, City voters approved a charter amendment to reduce the number of wards from 28 to 14 after 2020 Census. If accomplished, each alderman and political party committeeperson would represent twice the number of constituents they do now.

A majority of St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee members have voted to circulate an initiative petition for a re-vote on this issue. Concern grows that as Billionaire Rex Sinquefield spends more and more of his wealth to force votes on local issues by purchasing ballot issues via initiative petition, perhaps doubling the workload of aldermen is not a good idea.