11/7/2017 Vote No On Prop P

DGONPq3U0AIGEkyVote No On Regressive Sales Tax

Polls will be open 6 am to 7 pm Tuesday.
Find your polling place here
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Dear 7th Ward Voter:

We urge you to vote No On Prop P this Tuesday, November 7th and Sign the Petition for a State Audit of St. Louis City.

Prop P is a Regressive Sales Tax increase that impacts our poorest neighbors the most.

City Residents have experienced 14 Tax, Rate, and Fee Increases in 11 Years. 3 Sales Tax Hikes. 3 Use Tax Hikes. 3 Property Tax Hikes. 3 Sewer District Rate Hikes. 2 Trash Fee Increases.

Plus, all over the City, there are special taxing districts that further increase the cost of living.

Prop P is earmarked for Public Safety but there are No Specific Dollars for anything. Do not be fooled by the numbers and promises in fancy mailers. They are not legally binding commitments.

The City regained local control over our Police Department but has yet to audit it. Mayor Lyda Krewson said, during the campaign, she would audit the City. That has not happened. Citizens are now taking the matter into their own hands by collecting signatures for a petition to the State Auditor for a State Audit.

We need to find out how our current tax dollars are being spent. If we need more revenue, let’s find alternative sources. Audit First.

Tuesday, send a message to City Hall- No More Sales Taxes.

State Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr.
7th Ward Committeewoman Marie Ceselski
7th Ward Independent Democrats