12/18/2017 Drinking Liberally Festivus Party

festivus6:30-9 pm Monday, December 18th
Drinking Liberally Festivus Party
Hosted by Drinking Liberally St. Louis Chapter

Nadine’s Gin Joint, under the big top on the patio, 1931 S 12th

RSVP to mtceselski@aol.com

Guest Speakers:

Cameron Collins, Distilled History blogger and author of Lost Treasures of St. Louis.

DLphoto3 - CopyState Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr.

Festivus Fun: Three Rounds of Grievances.
First Round: 1 Each National or International Grievance.
Second Round: 1 Each State Grievance.
Third Round: 1 Each Local Grievance.

No Grievances regarding your host (me), your family/ex or next door neighbors, and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

DLTyusRex Bingo with Great Prizes.