2/19/2017 Krewe of Tishaura & Mister Pony Barkus Parade Gala

beadsKrewe of Tishaura (4th Annual 7th Ward Krewe of Mister Pony) Barkus Parade (Pet Parade) Gala

Sponsor: 7th Ward Independent Democrats
Contact: Marie Ceselski 314-630-7599 ward7stl@aol.com

Time/Date: 11 am Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Place: Mardi Gras Barkus (Pet) Parade, Soulard Neighborhood

Mardi Gras Pet Parade is open to the public. krewe2Bring your two and four legged kids, with or without costumes, and enjoy the fun.

Krewe of Tishaura and Mister Pony is a privilege of membership in 7th Ward Independent Democrats and invited guests.

If you are bringing a four legged kid, please pre-register online
.  All dogs must be registered to participate in the parade. It’s only $10 and it goes to a good cause.richwcart


We will adorn ourselves with Tishaura stickers and Carnival regalia, then assemble, in an hour or less, a stunning parade float using a wagon, cardboard, Tishaura for Mayor yard signs, markers, tinsel, and craft items found in the alleys of Soulard.

Costumes are encouraged.

IMG_7571We will load the wagon up with beads, toss beads to Mister Pony’s adoring fans.

A decorated granny cart will be deployed with our stereo system, if Todd and Erica make it out of their house. Children of all ages will be amazed by our stylish dance moves or ability to walk and throw beads at the same time.

There will also be food and drink at the host’s house after the parade.