2018 Past Events

December-January Winter Sock Drive
1/18/2018 Annie Rice for 8th Ward Alderwoman Fundraiser
1/18/2018 Collector of Revenue Gregg Daly Fundraiser
1/20/2018 St. Louis Women’s March
1/21/2018 CANCELLED: Save City Hall DMV Letter Writing Happy Hour
1/21/2018 5th & 7th Wards Downtown Happy Hour
1/25/2018 State Auditor Nicole Galloway Fundraiser
1/27/2018 St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee Meeting
1/27/2018 US Senator Claire McCaskill Town Hall
1/28/2018 Kitchen House Coffee Meet & Greet With Annie Rice
1/28/2018 7th Ward Seed Swap Happy Hour
1/28/2018 CANCELLED 7th Ward Save City Hall DMV Letter Writing Happy Hour

02/07/2018 Audit St. Louis Celebration
02/17/2018 Bruce Franks Voter Empowerment Rally
CANCELLED 02/18/2018 7th Ward Meeting

2/24/2018 Job & Resources Fair with State Rep. Bruce Franks
CANCELLED 2/24/2018 St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee Meeting
02/26/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour

03/15/2018 Tishaura Jones Birthday Fundraiser
3/22/2018 Clinton-Peabody Protest
3/25/2018 Bruce Franks Re-Election Kick-Off
3/26/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
3/31/2018 7th Ward Lit Drop 
February-March Brown Bag Meal Drive

4/2/2018 Mobilize Missouri Spring Meeting
4/3/2018 STL Young Democrats Meeting
4/3/2018 City Dems Campaign Finance Workshop
4/4/2018 Workers’ Education Society Membership Meeting
4/5/2018 9th Ward Assembly
4/7/2018 Job Fair @ Carnahan High School With State Rep. Bruce Franks Jr.
4/21/2018 STL Democratic City Central Committee Meeting
4/23/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour

05/01/2018 St. Louis Mother Jones Birthday Party
5/20/2018 #Keep28 Canvass @ Annie Malone Parade

5/21/2018  Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
April-March Brown Bag Meal Food Drive

June-August 7th Ward School Supplies Drive
6/7/2018 Christopher Harris Youth Violence Prevention March 
6/10/2018 7th Ward Candidates Forum
6/26/2018 Absentee Voting Begins
6/30/2018 Voter Registration Booth @ Soulard Neighborhood Yard Sale
6/30/2018 St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee Meeting

07/02/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour with Cori Bush
7/7/2018 Dana Kelly-Franks for License Collector Lit Drop
7/8/2018 Cori Bush for Congress Canvass
7/9/2018 Last Call Voter Registration @ Nadine’s
7/07/11/2018 Voter Registration Deadline for 08/07/2018 Primary Election

7/17/2018 Filing Begins For School Board
7/21/2018 Dana Kelly-Franks Volunteer Meeting & Canvass
7/21/2018 Cori Bush Birthday Party
7/22/2018 5th & 7th Wards School Supply Drive Happy Hour
7/22/2018 Town Hall With Bruce Franks & Peter Merideth
7/28/2018 #ExpectUs Supply The Block
7/30/2018 CANCELLED Drinking Liberally Happy Hour

September-October Brown Bag Meal Drive
8/4/2018 Saturday Absentee Voting
8/4/2018 Rally for Cori Bush with Nina Turner
8/7/2018 Primary Election Day
8/21/2018 Filing Deadline for School Board
8/21/2018 St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee Meeting
8/27/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
8/30/2018 78th District Committee Meeting
9/15/2018 Democrats 1st Congressional District Committee Meeting
9/16/2018 Voter Registration @ Nadine’s
9/17/2018 Keep 28 Petition Drive Meeting
9/24/2018 Nicole Galloway Fundraiser
9/24/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour with State Auditor

10/9/2018 Last Call Voter Registration @ Nadine’s
10/10/2018 Voter Registration Deadline for General Election
10/18/2018 LaKeySha Bosley Fundraiser
10/19/2018 Bruce Franks Fundraiser
10/20/2018 St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee Meeting
10/21/2018 Absentee Ballot Applications & Fall Seed Giveaway
10/22/2018 Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
10/26/2018 St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee Fundraiser
10/31/2018 Last Day To Request Absentee Ballot By Mail

September-October Brown Bag Meal Drive

11/03/2018 Saturday Absentee Voting, Rides Available
11/06/2018 Rides To Polls General Election Day
11/10/2018 MO Dems 5th Senate District Committee Meeting
11/26/2018 Candidate Filing Opens for 3/5/2019 City Primary

12/02/2018 Brunch Voter Registration
12/03/2018 Post-Election Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
12/13/2018 City & County Democrats Holiday Party
12/14/2018 Bruce Franks Fundraiser
12/16/2018 Brunch Voter Registration
12/16/2018 7th Ward Toy Drive for 78th District Toy Bank
12/19/2018 78th District Toy Bank