6/10/2018 7th Ward Candidate Forum

candidate-forum1:30-4 pm Sunday, June 10th, 2018
7th Ward Independent Democrats
Candidate Forum
Nadine’s Gin Joint (Patio),
1931 S 12th, Soulard
Open to the Public
Contact: Marie Ceselski 314-630-7599

Host: 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Marie Ceselski

King of Questions (Moderator): Andy Karandzieff, Owner, Crown Candy Kitchen and former Republican Candidate for Mayor

Time Lord (Time Keeper): Rachel Lippmann, Courts, Public Safety and City Politics Reporter, St. Louis Public Radio

Attendance Prize Giver Outer: 5th Ward Democratic Committeeman Rasheen Aldridge

Candidates Participating (completed 7th Ward Independent Democrats Survey)

79th District State Representative
LaKeySha Bosley
Reign Harris
J.P. Johnson

License Collector
Dana Kelly-Franks
Mavis Thompson

About the Recorder of Deeds Candidates. The ROD race was also scheduled to be a part of this forum. Unfortunately, only one candidate- Sharon Quigley Carpenter- chose to answer the survey questions and participate in the forum. We have decided, therefore, to allow a brief statement from Ms. Carpenter at the forum and dedicate the remaining time to more questions for the 79th District and License Collector candidates.


The King of Questions will draw questions, read them aloud, and announce the time limit for answers. Candidates will answer within the time allotted. Candidates will also make short opening and closing statements. Time will be strictly enforced by the Time Lord.

Questions will be taken from 7th Ward Candidate Survey Questions Part B. The King of Questions and Time Lord will also ask some questions. Time Permitting, attendee names will be drawn from the Prize Basket tickets to ask questions.

Order of speaking will be determined by draw. Order of speakers will rotate.

There will be other rules about not littering the place with campaign paper products and blocking customer access to the restaurant/bar.

Attendance Prizes

Voter Registration Applications Available

schoolsupplies3Event Charity: We will be collecting school supplies and backpacks for schools in 7th Ward neighborhoods. See St. Louis Public Schools Supply List.