9/6/2018 5th District Senate Committee Meeting

365px-democratslogoThese committees are enabled by State law and governed by Missouri Democratic Party By-Laws. The primary purpose of these committees is to nominate a candidate for special election to fill a vacancy should the situation arise and, after November election, decide who sits on State Democratic Committee from the district- one man and one woman- for two years. They may also raise money (reportable as a PAC to Missouri Ethics Commission) and engage in activities such as voter registration, hold public events, canvass for issues and candidates supported in common, etc..

5:30 pm Thursday, September 6, 2018
Missouri Democratic Party 5th District Senate Legislative Committee
Reorganization Meeting
Barr Branch Library, 1701 S Jefferson
♿Accessible: Yes
Public Transit: #11 Chippewa
Open to the Public
RSVP michaelbutler08@gmail.com

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Agenda: Committee members will elect Officers. Chair and Vice-Chair must be Central Committee Members, one man and one woman who reside within 5th Senate District. Secretary and Treasurer must reside in 5th Senate District but do not have to be Central Committee Members, one man and one woman. Weighted Voting may be used.

Note: Election of the two seats (one man and one woman) on Missouri Democratic Party Committee takes places after November election.

Current Officers and Committee Members

Weighted Voting

Applicable State Party By-Laws

Applicable State Laws