8/15/2019 78th District Dems Nominating Meeting

6 pm Thursday, August 15, 2019
78th District Democratic Party Committee
Special Election Nominating Meeting
Patio at Nadine’s/The Joint @ 12th & Allen
1931 S 12th @ Allen
Open to the Public

♿️Accessibility: Patio accessible,  but no accessible restroom

Public Transit: #8 Bates-Morganford & #20 South Broadway stop at S 12th & Russell/Allen; Gravois-Lindell stops at Gravois & Russell

Applicable State Democratic Party By-Laws
Applicable Missouri Revised Statutes

Thursday, Democratic Party Ward Committeemen and Ward Committeewomen representing one or more precincts within the 78th Missouri House District will nominate a candidate for a November 5th Special Election to fill the vacancy caused by resignation of State Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr.

According to Governor Mike Parson’s call for the Special Election, political parties have until August 22nd to nominate their candidates.

Democratic Party Committeepeople will nominate using weighted voting. The candidates to date are 5th Ward Committeeman Rasheen Aldridge and 7th Ward Committeeman Marty Murray, Jr.

7th Ward Committeewoman Marie Ceselski has endorsed Rasheen Aldridge.Aldridge has held joint 5th & 7th Wards events in Downtown with Ceselski and 7th Ward Independent Democrats. Last year, Aldridge defeated Murray for chairmanship of the 78th District Committee.

Weighted voting is based on precinct turnout for the Democratic Party nominee for Governor in 2016- Chris Koster. Each ward’s precinct count is combined to produce a total. Every 100 votes equals a vote for a 78th District nominee. A ward with less than 100 votes for Koster still gets 1 vote to cast for nominee.

The weighted voting tallies are a follows:

2nd Ward, 6th Precinct: 3
Total 3 = 1 Vote Each Committeeperson

3rd Ward, 1st Precinct: 206
3rd Ward, 9th Precinct: 235
Total 441 = 4.41 Votes Each Committeeperson

5th Ward, 2nd Precinct: 310
5th Ward, 3rd Precinct: 500
5th Ward, 4th Precinct: 307
5th Ward, 5th Precinct: 422
5th Ward, 6th Precinct: 625
5th Ward, 8th Precinct: 252
Total 2416 = 24.16 Votes Each Committeeperson

6th Ward, 8th Precinct: 559
6th Ward, 9th Precinct: 77
Total 636 = 6.36 Votes Each Committeeperson

7th Ward, 4th Precinct: 1086
7th Ward, 5th Precinct: 959
7th Ward, 6th Precinct: 1101
Total 3146 = 31.46 Votes Each Committeeperson

8th Ward, 6th Precinct: 28
Total 28 = 1 Vote Each Committeeperson

9th Ward, 1st Precinct: 569
9th Ward, 3rd Precinct: 521
9th Ward, 4th Precinct: 382
9th Ward, 5th Precinct: 456
9th Ward, 6th Precinct: 481
Total 2409 = 24.09 Votes Each Committeeperson

20th Ward, 1st Precinct: 544
20th Ward, 3rd Precinct: 656
20th Ward, 5th Precinct: 622
20th Ward, 6th Precinct: 105
Total 1927 = 19.27 Votes Each Committeeperson

25th Ward, 6th Precinct: 3
Total 3 = 1 Vote Each Committeeperson