1-19-2015 7th Ward Primary Debate

7th Ward Democratic Primary Candidates Debatejandebate
Sponsor: 7th Ward Independent Democrats
Contact: Marie Ceselski 314-436-5311 ward7stl@aol.com

Time/Date: 7 pm Monday, January 19, 2015
Place: Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, 2300 Lafayette Ave
Open to the Public: Yes

Candidates: President, Board of Aldermen:
Hon. Lewis Reed
Jimmie Matthews

Candidates: 7th Ward Alderman
Jack Coatar
Chelsea Merta
Samuel J. Cummings, III

Moderator: Hon. Damon Jones, 6th Ward Democratic Committeeman
Timekeeper: Hon. Lori Lamprich, 25th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


7th Ward Member Points: 2 Points for Assisting with Event, 1 Point for Attending

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