Month of April: Earth Day Census

earthdaylogoSponsor: 7th Ward Independent Democrats
Contact: Marie Ceselski

Time/Date: Various Times and Dates
Location: 7th Ward

During the Month of April, we will walk the 7th Ward, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood and take an inventory of problems. Some will be reported to Citizens Service Bureau. Others we may address by cleaning up a problem ourselves.

We will be specifically targeting:

  • Graffiti
  • Broken Glass and Broken Windows on vacant properties
  • Dumpsters needing replacement
  • Alley Trash Issues, particularly mattresses & upholstered furniture that can result in flea infestations

We will assign blocks to volunteers. You will receive a map with your assignment and clipboard to document issues. You may be asked to photograph the problem so that it can be Tweeted with the complaint to Citizens Service Bureau. You will be encouraged to Tweet the complain to CSB but it’s not a requirement. Others can do that if you’d prefer to just help with the Census and documentation,

We will enter our data and CSB service request numbers into a spreadsheet and follow-up on the complaints to ensure they are resolved satisfactorily.

It would be great if we could amass an army of volunteers to do this on April 22nd, the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day. But that is not going to happen. We also know that many residents of the 7th Ward participate in other Earth Day related activities, including the St. Louis Earth Day Festival at Forest Park.

We are realistic and know that we can get this done over a month’s time, not in a single day.

Volunteers may work on their assignment in the day time, or evenings, or weekends, whenever you choose.

If you would like to volunteer, please email your name and neighborhood you’d like to work in to

Next Fall, we’re planning on planting flower bulbs in some public spaces and could also use your help on that.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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