CANCELLED: 10 am Monday BOA Public Safety Meeting on Prop S Money for More Police

City Hall3Unsure why it was cancelled.

St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Public Safety Committee Meeting
10 am Monday, December 21st, 2015
Kennedy Hearing Room, City Hall

Agenda: Discussion on Proposition S Funds (2008 sales tax hike for additional police)

Aldermen have questions regarding the expenditure of the earmarked funds.

Members of the Public Safety Committee include Aldermen: Terry Kennedy (18th Ward, Chair), Freeman M Bosley Sr. (3rd Ward), Chris Carter (27th Ward), Jack Coatar (7th Ward), Shane Cohn (25th Ward), Megan E. Green (15th Ward), Antonio D French (21st Ward), Cara Spencer (20th Ward), Joseph Vaccaro (23rd Ward).

Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed is a member of all BOA Committees.

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