7th Ward Independent Dems Urge You To Vote No On Prop P & Sign Audit Petition

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Polls Open 6 am to 7 pm Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
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St. Louis City Increases in Taxes, Sewer Rates, Trash Fees Since 2006

yTkejEGTEThere have been 14 increases in sales, use, and property taxes; sewer rates; and trash fees in the City of St. Louis since 2006.

June 2017: $3 monthly Increase to Trash Fee

April 2017: 1/2% Sales Tax for economic development (NS Metrolink expansion, neighborhood vitalization, public safety) with corresponding Use Tax

*April 2017: In the eyes of Mayor Krewson, City voters approved a Property Tax Increase for $40 Million Bond Issue to fund vacant residential building rehab

November 2016: Property Tax Increase to fund senior citizen services

April 2016: Property Tax Increase for St. Louis Public Schools

April 2016: Sewer Rate Hike to fund $900 Million Bond Issue for wastewater improvements

April 2016: Property Tax Increase to fund stormwater operations/maintenance

April 2013: 3/16% Sales Tax to fund CityArchRiver project, Great Rivers Greenway, and city parks with corresponding Use Tax

June 2012: Sewer Rate Hike to fund $945 Million Bond Issue for Metropolitan Sewer District

July 2010: Board of Aldermen established $11 monthly Trash Fee

August 2008: Sewer Rate Hike to fund $275 Million Bond Issue for Metropolitan Sewer District

November 2006: 1/8% Sales Tax to fund two recreation centers and improvements to other centers with corresponding Use Tax

Two bond issues not requiring tax hikes were approved by voters in the same period:

April 2016- $25 Million Bond Issue for Fire Department/public safety

November 2010- $155 Million Bond Issue for St. Louis Public Schools

*City voters have twice renewed the City’s earning tax during the same period.

City voters have twice turned down proposals to increase the City’s maximum fines $1,000 from $500) during the same period.

*Not included in total.