2020 Legislative Preview: 5th Senate, 78th & 79th House Districts


The Missouri House of Representatives convenes at Noon, January 8. At that time, 5th Ward Democratic Committeeman Rasheen Aldridge will be sworn in as 78th District State Representative. The 78th District includes all or part of the 7th Ward’s Downtown, Kosciusko, LaSalle Park, Peabody, and Soulard neighborhoods.

79th District State Representative LaKeySha Bosley represents all or part of the 7th Ward’s Fox Park, Lafayette Square, McKinley Heights, and Tower Grove East neighborhoods.

Representing all 7th Ward neighborhoods in the Missouri Senate is 5th District State Senator Jamilah Nasheed 

In gun related legislation…

Senator Nasheed filed SB 543 to create new provisions relating to firearm restraining orders.

Rep. Bosley filed HB 1586 to regulate the sale of firearm ammunition.

Rep. Aldridge filed HB 1824 to require a firearm owner to report lost or stolen firearms.

In St. Louis Public Schools related legislation…

Senator Nasheed filed SB 626 to require every school in the St. Louis City School District to use a response-to-intervention tiered approach to reading instruction for students struggling to read.

Senator Nasheed filed SB 627 to elect the St. Louis City Board of Education from seven districts.

Senator Nasheed and Rep. Aldridge are sponsoring SB 542 and HB 1780 to restore voting rights to persons convicted, served their time, and released but on probation or parole.

Senator Nasheed also filed SJR 35, a constitutional amendment to require redistricting to use last residence of persons incarcerated instead of where they are incarcerated.

Rep. Bosley is also sponsoring HJR 83, a constitutional amendment to limit votes for county mergers to the counties affected by the merger. This is legislation was filed last year and was passed out of committee. The legislation was and is a counter measure to Rex Sinquefield funded Better Together Plan to give statewide voters the right to dictate what kind of government St. Louis City and St. Louis County should have.

Rep. Aldridge has filed HB 1781 to authorize a tax credit for establishing a new business in a distressed community.

More 7th Ward Primary Endorsements

CpviBWMXEAA0XJpPleased to announce that 7th Ward Independent Democrats have voted to make the following additional endorsements for the August 7th Primary Election. The endorsements also come with endorsement by 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Marie Ceselski.

License Collector: Elect Dana Kelly-Franks 
Recorder of Deeds: Re-Elect Sharon Quigley Carpenter

There will be another vote on 79th District as that there is no consensus yet. The top two candidates have been asked to submit 500 word essays for theme “My Commitment to Black Lives Matter.” We’re hoping the responses will wow the “No Endorsement in Primary” votes and a candidate will get to 60%.

We also have not voted yet on the GO Bond issue which will be on the ballot. Still working on some kind of forum for that.

Previous August 7, 2018 State Primary Election Endorsements
U.S. Senator: Re-Elect Claire McCaskill
State Auditor: Elect Nicole Galloway (unanimous)
Prop A: Vote No On Prop A Right To Work For Less (unanimous)
1st District U.S. House: Elect Cori Bush
78th District Missouri House: Re-Elect Bruce Franks Jr. (unanimous)
Collector of Revenue: Re-Elect Gregory F.X. Daly

Crown Candy Owner To Moderate 7th Ward Candidate Forum

candidate-forumWe’re very pleased to announce Andy Karandzieff, Owner, Crown Candy Kitchen and former Republican Candidate for Mayor, will be King of Questions (Moderator) at our 1:30-4 pm Sunday, June 10th, 2018, Candidate Forum for Democratic Candidates for 79th District State Rep.License Collector, and Recorder of Deeds who completed our Candidate Survey. The event will be held at Nadine’s Gin Joint (Patio), 1931 S 12th, Soulard, and is Open to the Public.

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