Tuesday Public Hearing On Airbnb Regulations

public_hearingMake your voice heard. Contact your Alderperson and Board President Lewis Reed. Contact info at end of post.

10 am Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Board of Aldermen
Public Safety Committee
Kennedy Room, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public. Meeting Notice says Public Testimony will be heard.

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda

Meeting on Board Bill 222 sponsored by 6th Ward Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia, 7th Ward Alderman Jack Coatar, and 28th Ward Alderwoman Heather Navarro.

2/13/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: New effort underway to regulate short-term home rentals in St. Louis

If you google “short term rental” in News, you’ll see this is an issue all over the country.

There is another Airbnb regulation bill, Board Bill 221, not on the Agenda.

Members of the BOA Public Safety Committee include: Chair/23rd Ward Alderman Joe Vaccaro, Vice Chair/22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd, 5th Ward Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard, 12th Ward Alderman Larry Arnowitz, 14th Ward Alderwoman Carol Howard, 21st Ward Alderman John Collins-Muhammad, 22nd Ward Alderwoman Shameem Hubbard, 27th Ward Alderwoman Pam Boyd. Board President Lewis Reed is a voting member of all BOA committees.

Contact information for all Alderpersons and Board President 

Vote Elizabeth Warren

WarrenBannerMissouri voters will go to the polls Tuesday, March 10, 2020 to nominate candidates for U.S. President.

Polls Open 6 am to 7 pm. Find your polling place here. 7th Ward Polling Places here. Check your voter registration here.

Vote Elizabeth Warren for President.

Warren suspended her campaign but remains on the ballot. It means you can vote for her. It’s a Presidential Preference Primary, Vote your preference.

Suspended campaign as opposed to ending, also means, Warren keeps delegates earned. If she gets 15% of the vote in the Missouri Presidential Presidential Primary, she gets one or more delegates from Missouri to the Missouri Democratic Party Convention and Democratic National Convention. The conventions not only nominate a candidate for the Presidential General Election but also write the party platforms.

Want Elizabeth Warren’s Plans in the platforms? Vote Warren.

It’s an open primary. Voters may chose to vote a Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, or Constitution Party ballot.

For the Democratic Party, Missouri will have 68 Pledged Delegates to the National Democratic Convention to nominate their candidate. Candidates are allocated delegates proportionally based on the results of the March 10 Primary. A candidate needs 15% of the vote at the Congressional District or Statewide to earn one or more delegates.

Sample Ballot at Board of Election. All candidates and their websites, all parties.

Wednesday Liquor License Hearing For Ballpark Village 3 AM License?

drinks9 am Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Excise Commission
Room 418, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda

9:20 am Hearing
9:40 am Hearing
651 Clark Ave aka #4 Cardinal Way, Ballpark Village, Downtown, 7th Ward –  BPV Market Place Investors d.b.a. Sports & Social – Manager not listed
Unclear from Calendar Notice what is being sought, but it looks like
+ Full Drink
+ Sunday
+ Summer Garden
+ 3 am

Please File For 7th Ward Dem Party Posts And Organize The Ward

7th Ward MapSt. Louis City’s 7th Ward needs a Democratic Party Committeeman and Committeewoman who work together to organize the ward. Absent that, it needs either a Committeeman or Committeewoman who shoulders the burden alone, as I did for seven years. Please be that team or that person who does the work- organizes an open ward organization, sponsors candidate and ballot issue forums and surveys, holds voter registration drives and GOTV canvasses, does a mailing every election and produces a ward ballot with endorsements by members, and raises money to fund those activities. Currently, that is not happening because I resigned and the current Committeeman is only interested in going to other people’s meetings and campaign events, selfies, and scheming to obtain higher office. I will write more on this later.  

8 am Tuesday, February 25th, filing begins for the August 4th Missouri Primary for…

Statewide Offices: Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer

All U.S. House of Representatives seats

State Senators in Odd Numbered Districts including an open seat in 5th District, which includes all of 7th Ward, currently served by term limited State Senator Jamilah Nasheed

All State Representatives including 78th District and 79th District serving 7th Ward.

County Offices: St. Louis City Circuit Attorney, St. Louis City Sheriff, St. Louis City Treasurer

Political Party Committeeman and Committeewoman for each ward.

Filing Closes March 31st.

Here is some basic information about filing for Committeeman and Committeewoman.

Current St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee

Where and When to File for Committeeman or Committeewoman: Filing is done at the St. Louis City Board of Election Commissioners, 300 N. Tucker between 8 am and 5 pm Weekdays.

Qualifications for running for Political Party Committeeman or Committeewoman:

  • Must be a resident of the Ward for at least one year prior to election.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must be a Registered Voter.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must not owe any taxes.
  • Must file a Personal Financial Disclosure Statement.
  • Must file Campaign Finance Reports with Missouri Ethics Commission or or St. Louis City Election Board.
  • Filing Fee: $100

7th Ward Boundaries and Maps. You receive a large wall map of ward and registered voter data when you file for office.

— Marie Ceselski, former 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Wednesday Soulard Occupancy Permit Appeals: Lucas Schoolhouse & Steelyard

appeal1:30 pm Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Room 208, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public
In Soulard, 7th Ward…
1020-22 Allen (previously Lucas School House concert/event venue), 7th Ward – Appeal #20273 & #20274 filed by d.b.a. Lucas Schoolhouse* from the determination of Building Commissioner to deny an occupancy permit authorizing
for 1020 Allen
+ Art Gallery
+ Office
+ Full Liquor
+ No Cooking, Food Prep Only
for 1022 Allen
+ Art Studio- sculpting & instruction
Zone: “D” – Multiple Family Dwelling District

The property has been owned by Soulard Properties Group (registered agent Harjot Padda) since 2010 according to Assessor records. Also owns adjacent historic St. Paul’s Friedens Church.

There’s no d.b.a. Lucas Schoolhouse in Secretary of State corporations database. There is a Lucas School House d.b.a. registration that expired in 2013. Lucas Schoolhouse LLC registered with Secretary of State over a year ago via SCW Registered Agent, which is Summers Compton Wells law firm.

2424 S. 9th, Steelyards luxury apartments  – Appeal filed by V E Design Group, to amend variance to increase total units from 127 to 128 total units

Tuesday Liquor License Hearings: Paddy O’s 3 am, Hotel @ Former Harry’s, Aldi’s

drinks9 am Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Excise Commission
Room 418, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda

9 am Hearing
3865 Gravois, Tower Grove South, 15th Ward – Aldi Inc d.b.a. Aldi #57 – Michael Rosch, Manager
+ 22% Package
+ 22% Sunday Package

9:20 am & 9:40 Hearings
614-32 S 7th near Busch Stadium, Downtown, 7th Ward – Paddy O’s Partners LLC d.b.a. Paddy O’s – Donald Keener, Manager
+ Full Drink
+ Sunday
+ Sidewalk Cafe
+ Summer Garden
+ 3 am

10:20 am Hearing
2144 Market, previously Harry’s, Downtown West, 6th Ward – Equis Hotels LLC d.b.a Fairfield Inn & Suites  – Conor G. Pandl, Manager
+ Full Drink
+ Sunday
+ Summer Garden