Monday Night Drop Off: Food Drive for Brown Bag Meals for Unhoused Neighbors

brownbagYou can drop off items at:
Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
6:30-9 pm Monday, April 23
Nadine’s on the Patio, 1931 S 12th, Soulard

We collect individual serving foods for Lafayette Park United Methodist Church’s Brown Bag Meals Program for our unhoused neighbors.

Individual Serving packages of Crackers & Tuna
Individual Serving packages Crackers & Peanut Butter
Individual Serving Fruit Cups
Individual Serving Fruit Drinks
Individual Serving Raisins
Individual Serving Applesauce
Individual Serving Cookies

We are not currently collecting food pantry items, foods that need preparation or refrigeration.

Brown Bag Food Drive For LPUMC

brownbag2We dropped off our first bag of food for Lafayette Park United Methodist Church’s Brown Bag Meals for our homeless neighbors.

7th Ward Independent Democrats collect…
Peanut Butter & Cracker Packages
Tuna & Cracker Packages
Chicken & Cracker Packages
Individual Serving Raisin Boxes
Similar Individual Serving, No Cooking or Additional Utensils Needed Food good for a Brown Bag Meal

Being items to events/meetings. Drop off at Committeewoman’s House- 1911 S 11th, in back, upstairs, leave in a bag on the door.