Monday Preservation Board: Demo of 1860’s House; Muny Renovation; Al’s as Landmark

Indiana4 pm Monday, June 25, 2018
St. Louis City Preservation Board
Room 2000, 1520 Market, City Hall West
Open to the Public

Online City Calendar Notice/Agenda: no agenda, agency’s webpage contains both notice and agenda

Agenda With Details/Drawings/History of Structures

Benton Park, 9th Ward
2913 Indiana, one of the City’s few remaining 1860’s built structures (Applicants: Brick & Mortar Holdings/Fendler & Associates) – Demolition for new construction. Previously Denied in March by Cultural Affairs Director.

Benton Park, 9th Ward
1819 Lynch (Applicants: Hillaker Corporation/Stryker Construction) – New Application to retain doors & windows installed without permit, and not in compliance with historic code.

Forest Park, 28th Ward
1 Theater Drive, Muny Theater (Applicants: City of St. Louis, Parks Department & Municipal Theater Association) – Appeal of Denial on Renovations at Theater. Note, if Preservation Board does not approve, Board of Public Service can override the decision. So sure that they will win this, Muny already talks about renovations as a done deal.

Near North Riverfront, 5th Ward
1200 N 1st, Al’s Restaurant (Applicants: Pam & Gary Neal) – Landmark Designation. Great background information on the structure and restaurant in the Agenda link above. Al’s likely would have been taken by eminent domain for the stadium deal had it become a reality 

Monday Preservation Board Agenda Includes Three 7th Ward Items

Pierre Laclede Statue4 pm Monday, September 25th, 2017
St. Louis Preservation Board
1520 Market (City Hall West), Room 2000
Open to the Public

Full Agenda With Drawings 

2702 McNair,
7th Ward (Owner/Developer/Applicant: BSB Development/Anne McDonnell) – Appeal of Denial on Window Installment


429 N Euclid,
28th Ward (Owner/Developer/Applicant: One on One Euclid LLC/Jassen Johnson/Rise to the Location) – Alterations to Front Façade of 2-Story Commercial Building

1 Fine Arts Drive @ St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park, 28th Ward – Install Circular Metal Sculpture by Richard Serra. Note: Serra’s Twain in Downtown is not moving.

1827-29 California @ Geyer, 6th Ward (Owner/Developer/Applicant: Schill Investment Fund LLC/Tim O’Donnell) – Construct Two 2-family Townhouse Buildings with Attached Garages on vacant lots

2055 Geyer, 7th Ward (Owner/Developer/Applicant: Holy Trinity Serbian Church – Demolition of building and Construction of 1-Story Brick Garage & Covered Porch

2342 & 2346 Menard,
7th Ward (Owner/Developer/Applicant: Tyler Olsen & Christopher Brenner/Killeen Studio Architects/Mike Killeen) – Construct 2 semi-detached townhouses with rear garages on vacant lots

Committeewoman To Match Donations to #TakeItDownSTL Confederate Memorial Fund

takeitdownI will match all donations up to $25 to the #TakeItDownSTL Forest Park Confederate Memorial Fund made from 8 am Saturday, June 3rd through 8 am Wednesday, June 7th.

Treasurer Tishaura Jones started this fund and it is our job to finish the job and reach the $25,000 goal.

Make your $5, $10, $25 donations, or more, to the #TakeItDownSTL Fund and I will match the amount to $25.

I also challenge those with more means than I to make a matching funds pledge for amounts greater than $25.

Cemeteries of our enemies must be respected. But the Confederate Memorial at Forest Park is not a grave stone to those who fought and fell supporting the wrong side of a war. It is a public park memorial to defenders of enslavement.

The Confederate Memorial was part of a systematic attempt to rewrite the history of the Civil War without, “the great and foul stain”* of enslavement,” while also instilling fear that the South would rise again.

The Civil War tore our nation apart and we should never forget how close we came to complete collapse and ruin because men, women, and children, rich and poor, took up arms against our nation to defend enslavement.

The Confederate Memorial is a glorification of treason. Following orders is never a justification for doing wrong.

By donating to the #TakeItDownSTL Fund, we stand together united as citizens of these here United State of America committed to righting the wrong that is the Forest Park Confederate Memorial.

Some good online reading material relating to Confederate Memorials:

05/23/2017 The New York TimesMitch Landrieu’s Speech on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

05/29/2017 Associated PressOld South Confederate monument backers cite 1929 book claiming Lincoln, ‘vindictive’ anti-slavery movement caused Civil War by Jay Reeves

06/04/2017 The AtlanticThe Myth of the Kindly General Lee by Adam Serwer

06/04/2017 The HillRemoving Civil War statues the first step in finally defeating the Confederacy by Maya Rockeymoore

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

*John Quincy Adams