Monday Preservation Board: Frenchtown Dog Park & Compton Hts Appeal

Pierre Laclede Statue4 pm Monday, May 22, 2017
St. Louis Preservation Board
1520 Market (City Hall West), Room 2000

Full Agenda

Central West End
4301 Maryland, 28th Ward (Owner/Applicant: Lauren and Mark Mathis) – Construct ten-unit three story condo building on a single vacant parcel

Compton Heights
1930 Virginia, 6th Ward (Owner/Applicant: Sharon E. Behlmann, c/o Sidney Holding Group, LLC) – Appeal of Denial by Director to construct a two-story, two-family house on a vacant parcel

Forest Park Southeast
1092-94 South Kingshighway  (Owner/Applicant:  Drury Development) – Appeal of Denial by Director to demolish 2-story 4-family brick house constructed 1902

4239 Shenandoah, 8th Ward (Owner/Applicant:  Alesha Scott)-  Appeal of Denial by Director to retain non-compliant door and sidelights installed without a permit

“The applicant applied for and received a building permit for full rehabilitation December 16, 2015. A complaint was received by our office for the installation of a non-compliant door August 30. Upon inspection, it was noted that the original front door and sidelight had been removed and a single contemporary door with flanking sidelights had been installed without a permit. The owner was contacted and made no action to correct the violation and the issue was referred to Housing Court. The owner has now applied for a permit to try and retain the work.”

1817 S. 10th, 7th Ward (Owner/Applicant: Frenchtown Dog Park) – Construct two gazebos and storage shed at dog park
dog park