Monday Night Drop Off: Food Drive for Brown Bag Meals for Unhoused Neighbors

brownbagYou can drop off items at:
Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
6:30-9 pm Monday, April 23
Nadine’s on the Patio, 1931 S 12th, Soulard

We collect individual serving foods for Lafayette Park United Methodist Church’s Brown Bag Meals Program for our unhoused neighbors.

Individual Serving packages of Crackers & Tuna
Individual Serving packages Crackers & Peanut Butter
Individual Serving Fruit Cups
Individual Serving Fruit Drinks
Individual Serving Raisins
Individual Serving Applesauce
Individual Serving Cookies

We are not currently collecting food pantry items, foods that need preparation or refrigeration.

Thank You For Donations To Help Our Unhoused Neighbors

brownbagAppreciate so many people pitching in with food for the Brown Bag Meal Drive to help Lafayette Park United Methodist Church feed our unhoused neighbors.

We made two deliveries in February. Our goal is three deliveries in March. More information on what we’re collecting here.

laundryBring to any of our events; drop off at committeewoman’s door- please excuse all the gardening stuff- 1911 S 11th, Apt C, in back upstairs.

You can also take directly to the Church @ 2300 Lafayette (call 314-771-9214 to make sure someone is there is accept delivery).

Also grateful to the folks who responded Friday to the call for donations to the Laundry Supplies Drive- particularly rolls of quarters- for St. Vincent’s assistance to our unhoused neighbors. We were able to drop off a box of supplies at Friday’s Soulard American Legion Hall Fish Fry.

Save Lives, Help Winter Outreach

freezeOur weather is about to change, again. Everyone can help Winter Outreach Save Lives.

+ Volunteer Your Time
1) 6:30 pm Thursday: Meet at Mokabe’s Coffeehouse, 3606 Arsenal. Dress warmly & be prepared for a cold, wet night assisting the unhoused find shelter. You’ll be paired with an experienced outreacher if you are new.
2) Can’t make it Thursday. Come same time & place any night it’s 20° or below or 25° or below with precipitation.
3) Check out street outreach and shelter help opportunities

+ Donate
1) Blankets, Hats, Gloves, Money
2) 10 am to 1 pm Saturday: There’s a Personal Hygiene Care Bag Collection @ Thomas Dunn Learning Center, 3113 Gasconade

+ Keep an eye out for your neighbors. If you see someone out in the cold who needs help…
1) Call United Way 211 or 314-802-5444
2) Refer them to a Daytime Warming Center:

Winter Blankets for Winter Outreach, Shelter Info

freezeIf you’ve got spare decent blankets- twin size or larger- let Committeewoman Marie Ceselski know (314-630-7599 cell or email and she will collect for Winter Outreach

Or you can drop off yourself at Mokabe’s, 3606 Arsenal @ South Grand.

The need for men’s gloves and knit stocking caps is always great. We’ll pick those up or you can drop at Mokabe’s as well.

If you know of someone who needs shelter, please call STL Winter Outreach Volunteers at 314-974-2552 or 314-973-7692.

If the person needing shelter is in Soulard, send/deliver to Americorps Emergency Shelter at 1315 Ann. They accept men, women, children. It’s a walk-in facility, meaning the person does not have to go to Biddle House first to be processed before transport to a shelter. If you’re able to, please donate funds or Guest/Facility Needs