Cancelled. Tuesday BOA Meeting On Airbnb Regulations

meeting notice2Make your voice heard. Contact your Alderperson and Board President Lewis Reed. Contact info at end of post.

This is a meeting on one of two board bills relating to Airbnbs introduced last week. It’s not clear from the meeting notice that this is a hearing where public testimony will be taken. This could be an introductory meeting with a public hearing tba, possibly on an evening or weekend. Just not sure. Will update if I find out.

11 am Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Board of Aldermen
Public Safety Committee
Kennedy Room, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public

City Online Calendar Notice/Agenda

Meeting on Board Bill 222 sponsored by 6th Ward Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia and 28th Ward Alderwoman Heather Navarro.

2/13/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: New effort underway to regulate short-term home rentals in St. Louis

If you google “short term rental” in News, you’ll see this is an issue all over the country.

There is a companion bill, Board Bill 221, not currently on the Agenda.

Members of the BOA Public Safety Committee include: Chair/23rd Ward Alderman Joe Vaccaro, Vice Chair/22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd, 5th Ward Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard, 12th Ward Alderman Larry Arnowitz, 14th Ward Alderwoman Carol Howard, 21st Ward Alderman John Collins-Muhammad, 22nd Ward Alderwoman Shameem Hubbard, 27th Ward Alderwoman Pam Boyd. Board President Lewis Reed is a voting member of all BOA committees.

Contact information for all Alderpersons and Board President