Elect A Public Transit Advocate: Elect Chelsea Merta

In a recent letter to 7th Ward voters supporting Chelsea Merta for 7th Ward Alderman, St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones wrote:

“She is a gladiator for ensuring that every St. Louisan has the opportunities and resources needed for financial independence. Chelsea is a proponent for the North-South Metrolink Line because she understands that affordable, efficient public transportation and mobility are crucial to boosting the City’s economy and advancing our City’s culture.”

Earlier, members of the 7th Ward Independent Democrats were impressed with Chelsea Merta’s answers to our candidate survey, including her commitment to public transportation.

“I support North-South Jefferson Avenue MetroLink extension. I want to work with state legislators for a referendum vote to allow local option gas taxes. In the City, we could use this for public transit. 10 States have local option gas taxes in use. Why not Missouri? I am also concerned about bus service and pledge to regularly ride buses to be better informed on the quality of service and advocate for riders.”

Chelsea Merta is committed to public transportation.

Chelsea Merta is a creative problem-solver.

Chelsea Merta understands quality bus service is as important as expanded train service.

Elect Chelsea Merta 7th Ward Alderman.


— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman