Monday Preservation Board: McKinley Hts Mosque Appeal

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4 pm Monday, March 26, 2018
St. Louis City Preservation Board
Room 2000, 1520 Market, City Hall West
Open to the Public

Agenda With Details/Drawings

City Online Calendar Notice

Benton Park, 9th Ward
3338 Wisconsin, vacant lot (Owners/Architects: Joanne Herbert; Cohen-Hillberry Architects) – Construct 1 & 1/2 Story Single-Family House

Lafayette Square, 7th Ward
1609 Missouri (Owner/Architect: Warren Kincaid & Michelle Tegethoff; Edward Heine Architect) – Construct 2 Story Addition to Non-Historic Alley House

McKinley Heights, 7th Ward
2326-46 Allen @ Jefferson – Appellant McKinley Heights Neighborhood Association. Appeal on Building Permit issued by Building Commissioner to Qooba Foundation to construct mosque

3/20/2018 NextSTL: Citizen Defense of Historic Codes at Prominent Corner in McKinley Heights  “The neighborhood associations of McKinley Heights and Fox Park and everyone else I’ve talked to are in favor of a mosque, but not the design or the site plan…”

3/19/2017 St. Louis City Talk: Historic Codes, An Empty Lot and a Proposed Mosque in McKinley Heights

1/23/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis board approves mosque development in historic district — with no wall

McKinley Heights, 7th Ward
1843 Russell (Owner/Developer: BL Construction, Brian Labier; Andrew F & Estena N Campagna) – Appeal of Director’s Denial to Construct Front Porch

See Agenda link for other items.

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