Tuesday Sheriff Land Tax Sale


civilcourtsSt. Louis City Land Tax Sale
9 am Tuesday, May 16th
(arrive early to get bid number and must fill out a Bidder Information Sheet  – best to do in advance- and present a photo ID).
4th Floor, Civil Courts Bldg, 10 N Tucker

Sheriff Land Tax Sales Requirements

Taxes may be owed for more than the amount of the current tax sale. Taxes may be paid off since the Tax Sale List was published. Taxes may be paid off at the last minute to avoid Tax Sale.

Check with Geo St. Louis for the most up to date information available online – search by address only

As examples…

2200 S 12th in Soulard is up for Tax Sale for $10,904.00 but Geo St. Louis shows more taxes owed (Tax #186-269, The Mac Era Inc)

1106 Lafayette in Soulard/LaSalle Park is on the Tax Sale list owing $3,343 but Geo St. Louis shows it has been paid off and only owes for 2016 (Tax #186-130, Koenig Enterprises Inc)

Tuesday’s Tax Sale included several properties owned by nuisance property absentee landlord Giro Katsimbrakis (St. Louis Redevelopment Co LLC). In the past, he has paid off back taxes just before the sale. And, again, he has paid the taxes off at the last minute, so these nuisances remain his properties and neighbors’ problems.

Check with Circuit Court Clerk for Mechanic Liens still owed on the property

Check with Recorder of Deeds Land Records Index for IRS and Sewer Liens owed on the property- search by owner or address

Other Lien Information Resources

8:30 am Wednesday LRA Meeting Includes $5 Offer By World Aquarium For Downtown Block

8:30 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015
St. Louis City Land Reutilization Authority December Meeting

St Louis Development Corporation Board Room (2nd Floor)
1520 Market (City Hall West)
62 Offers to Purchase
3 Garden Leases
3 Miscellaneous
2 Donations

LRA receives title to all tax delinquent properties not sold at Sheriff’s Sale as well as donated properties. SLDC maintains (sorta), markets, sells properties, and leases lots for gardens.

Among the 62 Offers to Purchase is a $5 Offer by World Aquarium (Leonard Sonnenscheim) for five vacant lots in City Block 41, South 2nd @ Plum, Downtown South, 7th Ward.leonard

LRA places a value of $28,814 on the collective parcels.

In September, World Aquarium lost its lease at City Museum.

According to World Aquarium’s website, they have relocated to 810 N 3rd (recently renamed Lumiere Place by act of the Board of Aldermen) on Laclede’s Landing.

If you have an interest in exploring ownership of an LRA property or establishing a community garden on a vacant lot, check out the LRA Property Database.

– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman