Today/Wednesday: Voter Registration Deadline for April Sewer District Rate Hike Election

register-to-voteSt. Louis County and St. Louis City voters will go to the polls April 7th to vote on a Rate Hike proposed by Metropolitan Sewer District to fund a $500 Million Bond Issue. In St. Louis City, this is a Special Election, no other ballot issues or candidates are on the ballot. In St. Louis County, this is a Municipal General Election.

Voter Registration for this election ends March 11, 2020.

Absentee Voting for this election begins March 11, 2020.

Last Day To Request Absentee Ballot By Mail is March 25, 2020.

The April 7th ballot issue does not directly say a rate hike is involved. You have to know that “To comply with federal and state clean water requirements, shall The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) issue its sewer revenue bonds… to be payable solely from the revenues derived by MSD from the operation of its wastewater sewer system” means Rate Hike. Previous Rate Hikes also did not say Rate Hike.

Sample Ballot

MSD’s ballot issue campaigns are run by Stenger-saga and St. Louis City and County Prop P (sales tax hike for police) consultant The Kelley Group. The new ballot issue campaign committee is named “Campaign for Clean Water STL.” The first major donor to this MSD campaign was $35,000 from SAK, a pipeline contractor in O’Fallon, Missouri. You might remember SAK from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s “After controversial MSD vote, winners donated more than $150,000 to Stenger campaign” story.

Previous Metropolitan Sewer District ballot issues:

April 2, 2019: City and County voters rejected an impervious surface charge proposal by MSD

April 5, 2016: City and County voters approve rate hike proposal by MSD to fund $900 Million Bond Issue

April 5, 2016: City and County voters approve $0.10 property tax hike proposal by MSD

June 5, 2012: City and County voters approve rate hike proposal by MSD to fund $945 Million Bond Issue

August 5, 2008: City and County voters approve rate hike proposal by MSD to fund $275 Million Bond Issue

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1/31/2019: Info on MSD Consent Decree @ Missouri Coalition for the Environment

4/30/2012 St. Louis Public RadioFederal judge approves MSD consent decree

12/12/2003 St. Louis Post-DispatchMSD must find new way to raise money after Missouri Supreme Court ruling


Tuesday Board Of Freeholders Meeting. Sorta.

citycountymap2The City’s Board of Aldermen has not taken action on Mayor Lyda Krewson’s nominees to the St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders. But the County’s Freeholders- County Executive Sam Page’s confirmed appointments- plus Governor Mike Parson’s appointee, required by Missouri Constitution, constitute a quorum on the 9 + 9 + 1 board. They meet Tuesday. It will be the first meeting of the board.

10 am Tuesday, November 12, 2019
St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders Meeting
City Board of Aldermen Chambers, City Hall, 1200 Market
Open to the Public (who may sit in the Gallery)

City Calendar Meeting Notice

St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders News Feed (contains news articles, information on Freeholders/process, and St. Louis County Charter Commission)

CANCELLED. Mayor’s Freeholders might get confirmed Today/Wednesday

citycountymap2See St. Louis Post-Dispatch story on Cancellation.

Deadline for confirmation by Board of Aldermen of Mayor Lyda Krewson’s 9 Board of Freeholder Nominees is Today/Wednesday.

Last Night/Tuesday, St. Louis County Council confirmed 8 of 9 Nominees made by County Executive Sam Page. The 9th Nominee has been out of the country and not available for a vetting meeting with County Council. She will likely be confirmed next week.

Under Missouri Constitution, Governor appoints 19th Freeholder, someone from outside City and County. Yesterday, Governor Mike Parson appointed someone who lives in Jefferson County but owns property and works at a law firm in St. Louis County. I don’t think that embraces the spirit of the constitutional provision- someone without a vested interest in outcome of Freeholders, someone neutral.

The hold up in City on confirmation is representation of North City on the Freeholders Board. Of the Mayor’s 9 Nominees, only one resides in North City.

The Mayor’s Nominees were sent to Board of Aldermen’s Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. It met once to vet Nominees and has meet twice to deliberate and vote on Nominees. No vote has taken place. The fourth meeting is today.

2:30 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019
St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
Meeting on Mayor’s Nominees to City-County Board of Freeholders Meeting Notice/Agenda

Also scheduled for a special meeting today is the Full Board of Aldermen. The Full Board has its regularly scheduled meetings on Fridays, except when Friday is a holiday weekend.

If Intergovernmental Affairs Committee does not approve the Mayor’s Nominees, there may be a move to bypass the Committee and bring the Nominees to floor for vote by Full Board. Whether they can do that legally is in question. Board of Aldermen Rules provide a mechanism to remove “bills” from committees and bring them to Full Board without approval by committee. But nominations by Mayor are not bills. There is no bill sponsor or document other than letter from Mayor announcing her nominee.

4 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Board of Aldermen
Meeting Agenda includes Mayor’s Nominees to City-County Board of Freeholders Meeting Notice/Agenda

Board of Freeholders background information
News archive since 11/2018 on Freeholders and County Charter Commission
Freeholder-related meeting information
may be found at the St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders News Feed

Tuesday-Wednesday City & County Meetings on Board of Freeholders Nominees

citycountymap24 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2019
St. Louis County Council
Meeting on County Executive Sam Page’s nominees to City-County Board of Freeholders
Meeting Notice/Agenda
Open to the Public

11:30 am Wednesday, October 16, 2019
St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
Meeting to (maybe) vote on Mayor Lyda Krewsons nominees to City-County Board of Freeholders
Meeting Notice/Agenda
Open to the Public
Video of Committee’s previous meeting with Nominees

Lots of information on Board of Freeholders & News Archive 

Saturday Town Hall With US Senator McCaskill @ Harris-Stowe

claire9 am Saturday, January 27, 2018
Town Hall Meeting with
U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill
Emerson Center, Harris-Stowe University
Open to the Public

Public Transit: #96 Market Street Shuttle from Civic Center (runs hourly on Saturdays)

The Senator will take written questions from the audience.

1/25/2018 St. Louis AmericanMcCaskill to host town hall at Harris-Stowe on Saturday


Your Next City Tax Hike Election May Be August 7, 2018

yTkejEGTEMake your voice heard. Contact your Alderman, Board President, and Mayor. Contact information at end of post.

The Board of Aldermen Ways and Means Committee Today decided not to have a special election for another tax. Instead they are waiting till the August 7, 2018, a statewide Primary Election. This means the City will not have to spend $350,000 on an unbudgeted special election.

Board Bill 58 by 8th Ward Alderman Steve Conway would repeal the Payroll Tax Exemption on Nonprofits with more than 20 employees, subject to public vote.

The Committee did not vote out the bill Today. They just amended it with the August 2018 date. Had Prop P failed Tuesday, this would have been a Spring special election. It is basically now sitting in committee waiting to go to the full Board of Aldermen.

If approved by voters, religious and charitable organizations and institutions, not-for-profit civic, social, service or fraternal organizations, not-for-profit hospitals and not-for-profit educational institutions that employ more than twenty (20) employees would all be subject to the City’s patrol tax. They are currently exempt.

The money would go to General Revenue for appropriation by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment (Mayor, Comptroller, Board President). Technically, the Board of Aldermen also have a role in this but E&A are really the decision makers.

Today’s Ways & Means Committee meeting is available on YouTube here

Competing payroll tax legislation was assigned to the Legislation Committee, not Ways & Means. Board Bill 117 by 15th Ward Alderwoman Megan Green and 6th Ward Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia would establish a 5 Year Temporary 1/2% Payroll Tax on employees of For Profit businesses and Nonprofits with 250 or more employees for purposes of funding Public Safety, subject to public vote. This board bill has not had a committee hearing.

Contact Information for Mayor Lyda Krewson

Contact Information for all Aldermen and Board President Lewis Reed 


Tuesday School Board Meeting In McKinley Heights

mckinleySt. Louis City Elected Board of Education
6:30 pm Tuesday, August 8th
McKinley Leadership Academy, 2156 Russell
Meeting Agenda

To request being placed on agenda/speak email

McKinley is a great school. Check out…
Middle School webpage
High School webpage
Band Boosters webpage
Alumni Association webpage

The October 10th meeting will be at Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, 1220 North 10th in Carr Square Neighborhood, 5th Ward.