Sunday 7th Ward Seed Swap

poppies22 pm Sunday, January 28, 2018

7th Ward Seed Swap Happy Hour
Nadine’s, 1931 S 12th in Soulard
Everybody Welcome

Public Transit: #8 Bates-Morganford and #20 S Broadway have bus stops on Russell next block south of Nadine’s, #10 Gravois-Lindell is one block east walk on Allen

We’ll be giving away winter sow seeds- Poppy, Hollyhock, Butterfly Weed, Marigold, who knows what else

butterflyweedbutterfly3Drawing for Mardi Gras Sweatshirt

Cash bar. Come have a drink and talk gardening (flower & food) with us.

bachelor buttonsVoter Registration available.


UPDATED: 7th Ward Garden Seed Swap Happy Hour

Sorry. We’re going to postpone this until December because we are still sorting seeds

We’re going to have a 7th Ward Seed Swap Happy Hour. The purpose is to distribute seeds harvested from community gardens and home gardens: organic, herbicide/pesticide free, heirlooms, and some natives. Those who want to hang out and talk gardens will be encouraged to do so. We might have a How To Make The Cheapest Windowsill Greenhouse Ever demonstration.

December ___
Nadine’s (on the patio)
1931 S 12th, Soulard

The Seed Swap will be open to the public. No charge. But I’m going to ask that each participant bring at least one can of chicken soup for pantry donation. And anyone staying longer than to pick up a seed package needs to buy a drink and/or food.

I’m still working on a web page for the event, which will include registration, plant photos, and plant descriptions.

Most seeds will be distributed in adorable tiny zip bags and then bundled as Collections. Participants will be asked to hold on to the adorable tiny zip bags and return at another time, so they can be used for a future event.

In addition to Collections, there will be miscellaneous veggie seeds, maybe some Iris and Lilies, and who knows what else.

The number of seeds per zip bag will be determined by the number of people who pre-register. One exception. There are some seeds that I have a ton of, such as Hopi Red Dye Amaranth. You can have a whole sandwich bag of that if you want.

The plan is to have people register for the Collections they want. Between 6-7 pm you pick up your Collections. After 7 pm, we will give away the leftovers to those who stayed and enjoy more cocktails. There will no deliveries. There will be no special arrangements for pick-ups at other times.

And, no, I do not want to come to your house and dig up ____ to give away at the event. I also do not want to take custody of trees, shrubbery, or garden stuff to give away at the event.

We’re doing a Fall Seed Swap, rather than Spring, because some of these seeds really ought to be sowed this year.

If you have harvested seeds, or plan on doing so soon, and would like to contribute seeds to this event, email me at

As of today, here is what we are certain will be given away at the Seed Swap (A = Annual, P = Perennial):

Architectural Plant Seeds
Note: These are plants that will grow tall and could use a fence to lean on. Each could have been included in one or more “Garden” packets, but weren’t because of the size issue.
P Goldenrood
A Hollyhock
A Hopi Red Dye Amaranth
A Lion’s Tail (Leonotis Leonurus)
A Sunflower
A Mexican Sunflower (Thithonia)

Bee Garden Seeds
P Brown Eyed Susan
P Coneflower
P Poppy
A Borage
A Brazilian Bachelor Button
A Marigold
A Zinnia

Butterfly Garden Seeds
P Butterfly Weed/Milkweed
P Coneflower
P Rue
A Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
A Mammoth Dill

Hummingbird Garden Seeds
P Columbine
P Bee Balm (Monarda)
A Giant Red Salvia
A Scarlet Runner Bean

Miscellaneous Seeds
Japanese Watermelon Radish

This is going to be so much fun!!!

Marie Ceselski
7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman