School Board Candidate Survey Responses

7th Ward Independent Democrats 2015 St. Louis School Board Candidates Survey Results

Part A. The Personal Side of the Candidate. These are the Get to Know the candidates as persons questions. 

Part B. The Candidate As School Board Member. These are the Candidate views and goals questions.

We received responses from Natalie A. Vowell, David L. Jackson, Jr., Katherine Wessling, and Charli A. Cooksey. To date, we have not received responses from Thomas R. Oldenburg and Joey C. Hollins. Oldenburg has since bowed out of the race.

Natalie A. Vowell, David L. Jackson, Jr., and Charli A. Cooksey participated in our Candidate Forum on March 16. Katherine Wessling was out-of-town and, therefore, unavailable for the forum. Joey C. Hollins was contacted several times and did not respond.

15th Ward Democrats also have their School Board Candidate Questionnaire posted online. 

Voters will choose two School Board Candidates at the April 7th General Election. The incumbents are David L. Jackson, Jr. and Katherine Wessling.

Contact, neighborhood, and ward information on the School Board Candidates may be found here.

Information on ballot issues and other candidate races on the April 7th Ballot may be found here.

7th Ward Independent Democrats Endorsements are here.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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